Our Team

Haomei aluminum CEO Ben
Ben Ma
Found the company in 1990, he accompanied the growth of Haomei for decades, he has leading and launched many global product, profoundly changed the aluminum market.
Emily has worked for more than 20 years in Haomei as the COO, she is proficient in business management and system construction, team construction, quality management, daily management.
Sales Manager
Susan is one of the top slaes managers in our Haomei aluminum, she is in charge of customers order and delivery of aluminum foil, aluminum coil, aluminum sheet and so on.
sales manager
I am a professional sales manager with more than 25 years working experience on aluminum foil product, I can help you solve problems in your business.
As a sales manager, I have worked for more than 10 years in Haomei aluminum, I have learned and grown much, not only about work, but also about the life.
Jane Doe
I am Jane, a sales manager of Haomei aluminum coil, with 12 years working experience, I have won many praise from my customers.