November 15, 2019

Aluminium blister foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Aluminium blister foil 8011 and 8021 O H18 with thickness of 0.02-0.075mm are usually used in pharmaceutical packaging. The aluminum foil is base material for blister packaging, it need further process as printing, laminated with other film, the medicinal aluminum foil has strict requirement such as even in thickness and high tensile strength. If the thickness of the aluminum foil is uneven, which is easy to cause the coating amount of the adhesive to be difficult to reach the standard coating amount during the coating process, thereby affecting the heat sealing strength of the blister aluminum foil and the polyvinyl chloride hard sheet. The low tensile strength results in the application of the release in the actual processing, and the production of the foil after the winding tension is generated, which is not conducive to the normal production. These problems require the attention of the raw material medicine aluminum foil manufacturers.

aluminium blister foil

To be produced as blister for pharmaceutical packaging, besides of medicine aluminum foil material, typical materials are polyester (PET), cellophane (PT) and cellophane with PVDC coating. The high barrier layer has good gas barrier properties and moisture resistance, does not penetrate bacteria and microorganisms, has good mechanical properties, has a certain elongation, is resistant to cold and heat, and is safe and non-toxic. The typical material is soft aluminium blister foil. However, this soft aluminum foil is opaque, does not rust itself, and has strong opacity. If a transparent strip packaging film is required, PVDC should be used as a high barrier material. PVDC is a high barrier material, and its biggest feature is its excellent barrier properties to gas and water vapor. The sealing layer is an inner layer of a strip-shaped packaging film, has excellent heat-sealing properties, and has chemical stability and safety and hygienic properties, and generally uses a low-density polyethylene material.

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