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December 7, 2021

Bright Prospects of Aluminum Foil For Tray

Aluminum foil for tray have been widely used in certain fields. For example, disposable lunch boxes on airplanes, heat meals in microwave ovens or ovens. The tin foil packaging that people usually call is actually aluminum foil. The aluminum foil for container product series are mostly used in aviation food and cake food retail, and the […]

November 30, 2021

Aluminum Foil For Cable Transform

The aluminum foil for cable transform requires less oil on the surface, no holes and high mechanical properties. Generally, the cable aluminum foil can be 1060-O aluminum foil, 1235-O aluminum foil and 8011-O aluminum foil. The thickness of 8011 alloy cable aluminum foil is 0.1 mm, 0.15 mm or 0.2 mm, the thickness of the 1235 […]

November 26, 2021

Air Conditioner Tape Aluminum

The alloy grades of air conditioner tape aluminum foil are mainly 1100, 1200, 8011 and so on. From the perspective of use, air conditioners do not have strict requirements on the chemical composition of aluminum heat exchange fins. Without surface treatment, 3A21 aluminum alloy has relatively good corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties such as strength […]

November 9, 2021

Wholesale Wide Aluminium Foil

Haomei Aluminum supply wholesale wide aluminium foil with good price, we have advanced super wide aluminum foil production line to ensure product quality. The production machine is ultra-wide aluminum foil rolling mill with roll surface width ≥2000mm. For wide aluminium foil product processing, it takes over 10 years development and research, the processed wide aluminum foil […]

November 5, 2021

Food Aluminium Foil 3003 8011

Food aluminium foil has excellent properties such as poor air permeability (especially for oxygen and water vapor) and light-shielding, as well as shape retention and rigidity. Therefore, aluminium foil is used to package food as long as it prevents air from entering the food packaging bag. The thickness of food grade aluminium foil used for composite […]

November 2, 2021

Aluminum Foils For Li-ion Batteries

Aluminum foils for li-ion batteries 1060, 1070, 1100 H18 should meet the following requirements: First, the cleanliness of the aluminum foil is high: no debris, dust, especially iron filings should be mixed into the aluminum coil, which will seriously affect the safety of the battery during the charging and discharging process; Second, the shape of the […]

October 26, 2021

Food Wrapping Aluminium Foil

Food wrapping aluminium foil is more commonly used in the field of food packaging. It is a soft metal film, which has the advantages of moisture resistance, airtight shading, fragrance retention, non-toxic and tasteless, and long-term preservation of food. Packaging butter with aluminum foil can ensure the shelf life of butter It is 2-3 months […]

October 20, 2021

Flexible Aluminium Foil For Packaging

The flexible aluminium foil for packaging is usually applied to make bags, films, containers, caps or lids in packaging industry. Among the applications, the aluminum foil laminated packaging bags are common seen in our daily life. Aluminum foil packaging bags are generally composed of more than three layers of materials, and the aluminum foil layer is […]

Aluminum Foil News
October 9, 2021

Best Aluminium Foil Manufacturer In The World

Haomei Aluminum is considered to be one of the best aluminium foil manufacturer in the world, especially due to the high quality and good service. Haomei Aluminum offer good quality aluminium foil with grades of 1060, 1070, 1100, 1235, 3003, 3004, 5052, 8011, 8021 and 8079. 8011 aluminum foil is added with Al-Fe-Si element, tensile […]

Aluminum Foil News
September 27, 2021

Aluminum Foil For Cooking Bags

The aluminum foil for cooking bags has two beautiful silver-white surfaces, one side has a high light reflectivity, and the other side is the opposite, with a soft matte finish. The molten aluminum or liquid electrolytic aluminum after the melting of the remelted aluminum ingot is processed by composition adjustment, refining, casting-hot rolling or casting, cold […]