September 12, 2023

Hydrophilic Aluminum Blue Fin

Hydrophilic aluminum blue fin are widely used in various heat exchangers, such as automobiles, aviation, ships, refrigeration, air conditioning and other fields. It has significant advantages in reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency, extending equipment life, and reducing maintenance costs, making it an irreplaceable material in the current heat exchanger industry. The hydrophilic aluminum foil used for air […]

September 7, 2023

Ultra Thin Battery Aluminum Foil

Ultra thin battery aluminum foil is mainly used in the digital field, such as drones, button batteries and other areas. We are the only enterprise in the world that can mass produce 8-9 micrometer battery aluminum foil. The trend of thinning in the power battery and energy storage battery industries is very evident. Originally, both domestic […]

August 31, 2023

9 Micron Aluminium Foil

9 micron aluminium foil refers to aluminum foil with a porous structure formed on the surface after special treatment, with a pore size of 9 microns. Its main characteristics include high specific surface area, high breathability, good conductivity, and high mechanical performance. The preparation method of 9 micron aluminum foil is similar to that of ordinary microporous […]

August 22, 2023

Paper Laminated Aluminum Foil

Paper laminated aluminum foil is a common packaging material. It is made by laminating multiple layers of thin films and plays a good role in moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, and gas barrier during the packaging process. The production process of laminated aluminum foil paper is very complex and requires multiple steps to complete.   First, prepare the […]

August 1, 2023

Silver Aluminium Tobacco Foil Paper

Silver aluminium tobacco foil paper is a type of laminated material that has good properties such as oxygen resistance, water resistance, ultraviolet protection and insulation, which are exactly what is needed to keep cigarettes fresh. Aluminum tobacco foil has a bright appearance and a tough texture, and when used for packaging cigarettes, it can effectively protect them from […]

July 25, 2023

Aluminium Foil For Household Use

The aluminium foil for household use 8011 soft temper offered by Haomei Aluminum has better quality and lower price with short lead time. The household use aluminium foil usually adopt 8011 o aluminum foil, used as barbecue tin foil barbecue aluminum foil. 8011 household aluminium foil is suitable for food preservation, barbecue, aviation, hotel catering, and kitchen […]

July 18, 2023

Cable Shielding Foil

Aluminum cable shielding foil has always been used for cable insulation materials. Aluminum foil for cable shielding and aluminum strip for cables are mainly used for the shielding and protective functions of cables. Commonly used aluminum alloy for cable shield include: 1235, 8011, 1100, 1050, 1060 aluminum alloy. They are lightweight, flexible, suitable for various wires and […]

July 11, 2023

Hydrophobic Foil

Hydrophobic foil is a kind of coated aluminum foil product used for air conditioning fins with hydrophobic coating. In order to improve the lifespan of air conditioners, reduce power consumption, improve ventilation quality, and enhance refrigeration efficiency, various functional coating heat exchanger fins have been developed successively. Hydrophobic aluminium foil makes the fin surface hydrophobic, preventing […]

July 4, 2023

Golden Aluminium Tobacco Foil Paper

The golden aluminium tobacco foil paper and silver tobacco foil paper are common used for tobacco box inner liner packaging. Cigarette and tobacco inner lining foil paper products are a type of composite material, made by compounding and cutting aluminum foil, lining paper and other products. They are mainly used in cigarette packaging and have excellent […]

June 26, 2023

Pharmaceutical Foil Manufacturer In China

Haomei Aluminum is a well known pharmaceutical foil manufacturer in China, we offer 8011, 8021 and 8079 aluminium foil for pharma packaging. How much is the price of one ton of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, which is not a fixed value, and it has been mentioned before that pharmaceutical aluminum foil has multiple applications, so its […]