December 14, 2017

The classification of aluminium foil food containers

Aluminum foil food containers have begun popular in most cities of China and abroad. However, due to the different eating habits in China, at present, aluminum foil food containers are used as take-away packing containers instead of plastic containers, for Chinese people seldom baking cakes. Of course, in the other countries, there is still a great use for baking, such as egg tarts, cookies, cakes, pies, pizza and so on. The use of aluminum foil containers are widely in the worldwide. The classification of aluminum foil food containers can accorded to the usage and the material.

aluminium foil food containers

Aluminum foil with outstanding barrier properties, substantially blocks gas and moisture completely when the aluminum foil is thick enough. Therefore, aluminum foil is the most commonly used barrier material in plastic flexible packaging. Mainly health, beauty, a certain extent of insulation are reasons why aluminum foil applied in food, and has lightweight, hermetically sealed package, good coverage and a series of other advantages. This kind of food container not only meets the national food container health standards, more importantly, it adapt to the international trend of environmental protection. Products can be placed directly on the gas stove and microwave oven roasted without fear of danger, bring great convenience to our daily life. According to the use of aluminum foil food containers, they are divided into: baking, packing, preservation and heat sealing. The classification of aluminum foil food containers from the material is prime foil containers, coating wrinkle-free foil containers. From the use and curling body are full curl and IVC edge.

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