May 14, 2018

China aluminium foil roll suppliers

Aluminum foil roll have wide application in medicine, pesticide, food, daily chemical, lubricating oil and so on. So, the aluminum foil roll suppliers in the world also have a lot of order and business cooperation, among them, china aluminum foil roll suppliers stands out for the high quality aluminium foil product and low price. With decades of years’ experience and development, the usage of aluminium foil roll has been more and more widely.

aluminium foil roll suppliers
Aluminum foil roll meets the needs of modern production and life in a very wide field. In the electronics industry, aluminum foil is used to process capacitor, evaporator heating element and condenser and cable shielding. In the mechanical and electrical industry, aluminum foil is the preferred material for heat ex-changer radiators. In aerospace industry, the heat insulation and waterproof layer of aircraft rotor, missile, rocket, satellite and other liquid fuel tank can not be separated from aluminium foil roll. In the packaging industry, aluminum foil is an important packaging material for food, medicine, cigarettes and chemicals. In the construction industry, it is used as an ornamental material for heat insulation and moisture protection, and is also widely used as a decorative material. In addition, the aluminum foil foil is also found everywhere in textile, vehicle and shipbuilding industry. Therefore, as one of the china aluminium foil roll suppliers, Haomei have more strict requirements on the aluminum foil roll product we supplied for customers, for we want long term business relationship and further development.

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