May 10, 2022

Aluminium Foil With Paper Laminated

Commodity packaging and printing has become an aspect of commodity competition. For commodity packaging, not only high quality materials and printing are required, but also products are required to be novel and beautiful. Therefore, a variety of novel and unique packaging materials are constantly on the market. The unique charm and novel printing effect of aluminium foil with paper laminated in packaging and decoration, using the inherent metallic luster and metallic color of aluminum foil paper, do not need to print gold, silver ink or hot stamping anodized aluminum, as long as carefully designed text and clever using the color of the ink, you can obtain colorful printing effects and make the visual effect look better, which is incomparable to any paper printing.

aluminium foil with paper laminated

Using aluminium foil with paper laminated to package and print chocolate packaging boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes, gift boxes, high-end tobacco and alcohol packaging boxes and other high-end commodities, the packaged products are more noble and gorgeous, which not only improves the quality of the products, but also promotes sales. Enhance competitiveness. However, due to the obvious differences between aluminum foil printing and ordinary paper printing in material selection, operation technology, environmental requirements, etc., it is necessary to be familiar with its characteristics and master printing skills to ensure product quality.


1, Main features and types of aluminum foil paper

Due to the different metal materials used in foil making, in order to show its properties, gold, silver, tin, nickel, aluminum, etc. are added before the foil characters to show the difference.

2, Aluminium foil with paper laminated is mainly composed of paper base, aluminum foil, and coating layer.

The paper base is divided into thin and thick, the thick one is cardboard, and the thin one is coated paper. Aluminum foil paper is a non-absorbent paper. Aluminum foil is generally made of 99.9% high-quality pure aluminum. After high temperature smelting, it is rolled into a thin sheet of 0.006mm~0.020mm, and then the aluminum foil is pasted on the paper base. Very fine powder particles can also be spray-coated on the paper base, so that the paper base and aluminum foil (or aluminum powder) can be firmly bonded to make aluminum foil paper.

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