May 3, 2018

High quality aluminum foil for container 3003 h24

Aluminum foil container is also one of the deep-processed products of aluminum foil, thus, the raw material of processing aluminum foil container is the aluminum foil for container, the most wide used type are aluminum foil 3003 h24, which the grade is 3003 and the temper is h24, so it is also called as aluminum foil for container 3003 h24.

aluminum foil for container

The aluminum foil container can be divided into corrugated aluminum foil container and non-wrinkle aluminum foil container. The aluminum foil container can be used as a container for fruits, plate, lunch box, lunch box on plane, food container for hospital ward, cold storage box, cold storage container, etc., and it has the advantages of easy storage, easy heat treatment and convenient recycling. With widely application, the demands for aluminum foil container has been increased rapidly in recent years, while the requirements of aluminum foil for container is also increased. Besides of aluminum foil 3003 h24, there are other aluminum alloys can be used, but the quantity is much lower than 3003 aluminum foil h24.


The specifications range of aluminum foil for container is 0.01-0.1mm thickness and 20 ~1600mm width, and special specifications can be produced by agreement. The alloy grades are 1060, 1100, 1235, 3003, 8021, 8079, 8011, etc. The temper are H14, H18, H24, O, etc. If you have request on aluminum foil for container 3003 h24, please contact us via email, we will give you reply in hours.

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