July 26, 2021

Aluminum Foil For Cooking Wrapping

The function of aluminum foil for cooking wrapping is to transfer heat quickly and evenly dissipate heat, so that the food will not be burnt, and it can also prevent the oil from grilling the food from staining. At the same time, wrapping the cooking food with aluminum foil can also reduce the loss of food nutrition and moisture. Therefore, aluminum foil is often used when baking things in the oven. The aluminum foil base material selected for grilling aluminum foil paper must be food-grade and well-sealed. The 8011 aluminum foil produced by the Haomei aluminum is food-grade, safe and hygienic, and Haomeii Aluminum is equipped with an online pinhole detector and a plate shape meter to ensure the cleanness and flatness of the aluminum foil surface, as well as airtightness.

aluminum foil for cooking wrapping

Aluminum foil for cooking wrappinghas the characteristics of oxygen barrier, moisture-proof, good sealing, and pollution prevention. Household aluminum foil has strong thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, non-stick bakeware, baked food is not easy to burn, and the finished product has a beautiful color. Aluminum foil can be used to package food, prevent moisture and deterioration and extend the shelf life, it is a household baking product. The raw materials of aluminum foil for food wrapping are imported special materials, and after multiple deep processing procedures, the color is bright, anti-oxidation, good softness, no impurities of other metal components, and meets international environmental protection standards. Among them, the Haomei aluminum foil for cooking products have passed the FDA certification as food and drug packaging materials.


The thickness of 8011 o aluminum foil for cooking wrapping is 0.009-0.08mm. Not only is the appearance beautiful, the gloss is high, and it has the advantages of clean and hygienic. At the same time, the 8011 household aluminum foil can block the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. It is non-toxic, harmless, non-volatile, and is non-toxic, harmless, and non-volatile. In the low temperature environment, there will be no deformation, and it can also be isolated from sunlight. The aluminum foil has high tensile strength but low tear strength. Therefore, it is often used on barbecue foil.

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