October 9, 2018

Hot sale aluminum foil for fin stock

Aluminum foil for fin stock is a type of aluminum foil product used in air conditioners radiators. The common used aluminum grade in air conditioner fin aluminum foil are 1100 aluminum and 8011 aluminum. Common types of fin stock aluminum foil in air conditioners include household air conditioners, central air conditioners, automobile air conditioners, computer room air conditioners, train air conditioners and food refrigeration equipment. Because aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity, easy deformation and processing, light weight, low price, no pollution, etc., it has become the first choice for heat exchange radiator fin sheet materials in air conditioners.

aluminum foil for fin

Aluminum foil used as the heat sink material for air conditioners has been for more than 20 years. In recent years, with the development of the air conditioner industry, the production of air conditioner aluminum foil for fin has also developed very rapidly. At the same time of increasing production, the quality of aluminum foil for air conditioner is also constantly improving, both in terms of product size, alloy temper, mechanical properties and surface quality. According to different surface treatment methods, the aluminum foil for fin stock can be divided into non-coated aluminum foil and coated aluminum foil. Non-coated aluminum foil refers to common aluminum foil whose surface is not treated after rolling. While coated aluminum foil refers to ordinary aluminum foil with treated surface, because the surface of the coated aluminum foil for fin is coated with a coating with hydrophilic and anti-corrosive properties, it has good hydrophilic properties and water repellency, and has anti-corrosion properties at same time, so it is customarily called hydrophilic aluminum foil.

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