November 9, 2020

Aluminum foil suppliers in china

Aluminum foil suppliers in china use advanced equipment and technology to become specialized aluminum foil production enterprises. As a consumer material, aluminum foil is used for packaging food, medicine, beverages, and daily chemicals. It is supporting a huge potential market. China has experienced aluminum foil suppliers such as the professional manufacturer of air-conditioning foil, the professional manufacturer of double zero foil and so on.

aluminum foil suppliers in china

The product structure of aluminum foil suppliers in china will be further rationalized, the production proportion of medium and high-grade aluminum foil products will continue to increase, and the international competitiveness of products will continue to improve. Generally, they will develop in a wider and thinner direction. Especially aluminum foil with a thickness of less than 0.005mm, aluminum foil suppliers will have scaled production and mass application in packaging and other industries. For important varieties such as double zero foil, air-conditioning foil, medicinal foil, and some special varieties, such as high-voltage anode foil, it will develop towards a high-tech level.


In order to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition, all aluminum foil suppliers in china will strengthen the research on melting and casting technology and alloy varieties, and explore the corresponding laws of materials, processes, and structure properties; explore continuous casting and rolling technology and large-scale high-speed, high-precision hot continuous The better combination of rolling production process in the production of aluminum foil blanks, and improve the overall structure and quality of aluminum foil blanks; aluminum foil production will develop in the direction of wider, thinner, and higher speed, the application of high-grade lubricants, and the use of unequal thickness Cutting-edge technologies such as joint rolling will be put on the company’s scientific and technological research agenda; and strengthen the development of aluminum foil deep-processing products, promote the application and popularization of aluminum foil in new markets, and generally make production efficiency higher, production cycle shorter, and production cost lower.

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