August 30, 2022

Battery Cathode Foil

Aluminum battery cathode foil 8021, 8079 has good electrical conductivity, soft texture and cheap price. As we all know, lithium-ion batteries work by converting chemical energy into electrical energy through an electrochemical device. In this process, we want a medium to convert chemical energy into electrical energy, and in the metal material with cheap price and good conductivity is aluminum foil. At the same time, in terms of lithium-ion batteries, we mainly have winding and lamination processing. Compared with winding, the pole piece required for battery preparation has a certain flexibility to ensure that the pole piece will not become brittle during winding. In metal materials, aluminum foil is also a soft metal. Finally, considering the cost of battery preparation, copper foil is relatively cheap, and aluminum resources are abundant in the world.

battery cathode foil

The battery cathode foil is high end product for aluminum foil manufacturer, only professional aluminum foil factory can produce it, and also the quality requirement of aluminum battery cathode foil is strict.

1, Strict thickness tolerance requirements

①The thickness tolerance of battery aluminum foil is ±2%. This thickness accuracy is the highest among all aluminum foil products at present.

②At present, the thickness of the mainstream battery aluminum foil is 0.012~0.015mm. In the future, the lithium battery will increase the energy density and realize the miniaturization and light weight, which will require the thickness of the aluminum foil to become smaller and stronger.

③The 0.009mm or even 0.008mm single double-sided photovoltaic aluminum foil that has been developed so far has exceeded the minimum rollable limit thickness of the current single-sheet rolling of aluminum foil products, and the thickness accuracy control has become an increasingly critical point.


2, Strict requirements for straightness

①Straightness, the so-called plate shape of aluminum processing, is the key technical index of aluminum battery cathode foil and needs to be controlled within ≤10I.

②The coating process of lithium battery has almost no tension, which is equivalent to the offline plate type of aluminum processing. The tension of aluminum foil rolling is much larger than that of coating, which poses challenges to the control of the shape of the aluminum foil rolling, the process operation and the quality control of the slitting machine.

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