October 28, 2019

Big roll of aluminum foil supply

Haomei supply big roll of aluminum foil with divided into industrial aluminum foil and packaging aluminum foil. Industrial aluminum foil has a relatively pure chemical composition and a thickness of 0.005 to 0.2 mm, it is mainly used as a capacitor, heat insulation material and a moisture-proof material for the electrical industry and the electronics industry. The thickness of packaging aluminum foil is generally 0.007 ~ 0.1 mm, and there are various products such as flat foil, embossed aluminum foil, color coated aluminum foil and crepe paper aluminum foil, which are mainly used as packaging materials for food, tea, cigarettes and the like.

big roll of aluminum foil

Haomei do not only supply aluminum jumbo roll with high quality, but also the reasonable price on the market. Why can we offer lower price than other brands? That is because of the advance production line we have! The new large-volume aluminum foil roll winding device can perform winding adjustment according to the real-time tension of aluminum foil winding to prevent breakage during winding, and the pressure between the adjusting rod and the aluminum foil on the winding rod is detected by a pressure sensor, and the real-time control effectively improves the tightness of the aluminum foil during winding, and at the same time, with the action of the fixed rod and the pressing rod, the cleaning degree and flatness of the aluminum foil are effectively improved; and the amount of winding aluminum foil is increased. It reduces the frequency of personnel winding operation and reduces the waste of big roll of aluminum foil foil during the formation of the coil, thereby saving costs.

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