May 28, 2024

Capacitor Cathode Foil

Aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors is actually a deep-processed product. It is a kind of corrosive material working under polar conditions, which has high requirements on the organization of the aluminum foil. There are three kinds of aluminum foils used for electrolytic capacitor: capacitor cathode foil with thickness of 0.015-0.06mm, high-pressure anode foils with thickness of 0.065-0.1mm, and low-voltage anode foils with thickness of 0.06-0.1mm. The anode foil is made of industrial high-purity aluminum, the mass fraction of which should be greater than or equal to 99.93%, while the purity of the aluminum used for the high-voltage anode should be greater than or equal to 4N.

capacitor cathode foil

The capacitor cathode foil of electrolytic capacitors is an important part of electrolytic capacitors, and its specification size and quality requirements have an important impact on the performance and stability of capacitors. Generally speaking, the specification size and quality requirements of cathode foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors are as follows:

  1. Specification size:

– Thickness: usually between a few microns and tens of microns, the specific thickness depends on the design and requirements of the capacitor.

– Width and length: determined according to the design requirements of the capacitor, usually between a few millimeters and tens of millimeters.

  1. Surface quality:

– Surface flatness: the surface of cathode aluminum foil should be flat and smooth, without obvious bumps and defects.

– Surface cleanliness: the surface should be clean and free from pollution, no oil, dust and other impurities.

– Surface oxidation: cathode foil for capacitor is usually aluminum foil, the surface should have a certain oxidation layer, but it shall not be too thick or uneven.

  1. Chemical composition and physical properties:

– The chemical composition of aluminum foil should meet the requirements of relevant standards, with high purity and low impurities.

– The physical properties such as tensile strength and ductility of cathode foil shall meet the design requirements and have good mechanical properties.

  1. Packaging and protection:

– The cathode foil shall be packaged in an appropriate manner to prevent moisture, oxidation and other effects.

– During production, transportation and storage, attention should be paid to the protection of cathode foil to avoid external damage.


In general, the specification size and quality requirements of cathode foil for electrolytic capacitors should comply with the relevant standards and design requirements to ensure the normal operation and stable performance of the capacitors. When choosing cathode foil suppliers, attention should be paid to the quality of their products, production processes and after-sales service, and manufacturers with good reputation should be selected to ensure the provision of high-quality products.

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