April 16, 2021

Chewing Aluminum Foil

Chewing aluminum foil with paper laminated are used for wrapped in chewing gum. Many people will mistakenly think that this layer of tin foil is just a wrapper for chewing gum and does not have much effect. However, this layer of tin foil has many unexpected uses. Aluminum foil has low oxygen permeability and strong barrier properties at room temperature. It is widely used in food packaging that requires long-term storage. After aluminum is oxidized in the air, a protective film will be formed on the surface to prevent the aluminum inside from continuing to oxidize. Second, aluminum foil has a certain ability to reflect light and can play a very good heat insulation effect.

chewing aluminum foil

First of all, chewing gum is packaged by two layers of wrapping paper, one of which is zigzag-shaped chewing aluminum foil. The first use of this layer of aluminum foil is to protect the gum. As we all know, there are many bacteria pollution around us. If the chewing gum is not wrapped in this layer of aluminum foil, the bacteria will attach to the chewing gum and enter our body.

Secondly, the aluminum foil paper can ensure that the taste of the chewing gum does not leak out. Even after a long period of storage, open this layer of tin foil paper again, you will find that the taste of the gum still exists. Therefore, the tin foil paper is very important, which is conducive to the preservation of the taste of chewing gum.

More importantly, chewing gum is also a kind of sugar, and it will melt at high temperature, but this layer of aluminum foil can play a good protective role, and to a certain extent can isolate the high temperature of the outside world to prevent the chewing gum from melting.


At the same time, the biggest role of chewing aluminum foil is waterproof. As a layer of aluminum foil for chewing gum, it can naturally also play a waterproof role to prevent the gum from being contaminated.

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