August 31, 2018

Why does china 8011 aluminum foil has high quality?

In the world market, the demand for aluminum foil is continues increasing, and more and more buyers choose to buy aluminum foil from China. In the 8series aluminum, 3003 and 8011 aluminum foil has the most wide application, Why does china 8011 aluminum foil has good market reputation? The answer is the high quality. Why does china 8011 aluminum foil has high quality? The answer is strict quality requirements and advanced process technology.

china 8011 aluminum foil

The common defects of the aluminum foil can be found and solved well in China aluminum foil factory. Oil stain is a common seen defect of the aluminum foil, it means that the surface of the 8011 aluminum foil is excessively oily, and the surface is visible with oil in the process of slitting production and finished product inspection. The reasons for oil stain are the control of the rolling process parameters is unreasonable; the rolling mill clearing device is abnormal; the rolling mill measures the thickness of the drip. The prevention method is use reasonable rolling process parameters; strengthen equipment inspection to ensure normal operation of rolling mill roller cleaning; regularly clean the thickness gauge.


Degreasing is not clean is another defect, after annealing, the aluminum foil is detected by brushing method, and it has not reached grade A. The surface of the china 8011 aluminum foil has too much oil; the slitting tension is too large; the annealing process is unreasonable; the high-grade oil leaks. The prevention method are control the oil content on the surface of the rolling mill product; strengthen the oil product management to ensure that the physical and chemical indicators meet the requirements; appropriately reduce the slitting tension; select the appropriate annealing process.

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