December 28, 2018

Cigarette aluminum foil paper 1235 o

The use of aluminum in the tobacco cigarette packaging industry is mainly aluminum foil for cigarette liners, aluminum layers on cigarette packs (including cigarette packs), and hot stamping of tipping paper. According to statistics, at present, aluminum foil used for consumption in China accounts for about 25% of the total, mainly used for cigarette packaging. The cigarette aluminum foil paper 1235 o is mainly used for the liner package in the cigarette box.

cigarette aluminum foil paper

At present, according to the varieties, the inner lining paper of the cigarette box can be divided into aluminum foil composite lining paper, vacuum direct plating lining paper, transfer aluminum lining paper, printing lining paper, coated lining paper, film self-adhesive lining paper and sulfuric acid paper lining, etc. Among them, aluminum foil paper and straight coated paper account for more than 80% of the entire application. The functionality of the aluminum foil for cigarette packaging including aroma preservation, packaging adaptability and anti-counterfeiting. Preservative and moisturizing is the most basic attribute to determine whether the inner liner is qualified. The specific performance is that it can block the ingress and egress of moisture and aroma. Aluminum foil 1235 o has good shielding and reflection effect on light and ultraviolet light, and can effectively prevent light to cause aging effect of the tobacco contents. The cigarette aluminum foil paper 1235 o plays an important role in the cigarette packaging and has good market reputation.

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