July 13, 2020

How much is container aluminum foil

Haomei supply container aluminum foil 3003, 8011 alloy, H22, H24 temper, the thickness is 0.04-0.09 mm, the width is 200-1250mm. There are many container aluminium foil alloys, 8011-H24 aluminum container foil is a more commonly used alloy material. It has a wide range of uses, it can be used for food container, food packaging, etc. It has obvious advantages. The surface is clean and free of foreign objects. The flat type, food grade, and various advantages directly pierce the needs of users, and its functional performance is excellent.

container aluminum foil

With the increasing demand for container aluminum foil in the market, 8011-H24 aluminum foil for container has attracted the attention of many friends, then how much is a ton for 8011-H24 aluminum foil for food container manufacturers? Let’s take a closer look.

In addition to product performance, the price of aluminum container foil is also a major concern for users. For example, 8011-H24 aluminum container foil manufacturers basically have different development concepts, market competitiveness, and their own R&D design and there are also certain differences in the production methods, the selection of materials and the processing technology, so there are also price differences in products.


Although they are all 8011-H24 container aluminum foil, but their thickness and width requirements are different. For users who choose the same manufacturer, their quotations are also different. Usually the price of 8011-H24 aluminum alloy container foils is mainly combined On the day of delivery, the average price of the aluminum ingot + processing fee and other comprehensive considerations, the specific price needs to be combined with the actual choice.

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