March 1, 2021

Cost per Ton of Aluminum Foil

The cost per ton of aluminum foil quoted by Haomei Aluminum show big advantage than other manufacturer on the market. The aluminum processing industry is developing rapidly. There are many types of aluminum plate and aluminum foil. Among them, 8011 aluminum foil is widely used and the demand is increasing. So the question is, what is the price of buying 8011 aluminum foil per ton?

cost per ton of aluminum foil

Factors affecting the cost per ton of aluminum foil 8011:

1, Product specifications and quality

8011 aluminum foil has various specifications and different performance requirements, which affect the price to a certain extent. The product quality is good. It goes without saying that the technical content of the product and the investment in the product have a long research and development time, the production cost is high, and the sales price of the product is high; on the contrary, the product quality is average and the product price is low.


2, Prices of raw materials and aluminum ingots

The quality of aluminum ingots purchased by different aluminum foil manufacturers is also different. Some will buy cheaper aluminum ingots, and some pay more attention to quality. When purchasing aluminum ingots from well-known enterprises, the raw materials will be more expensive, and 8011 aluminum foil will also be more expensive. The price of aluminum ingots in the market fluctuates daily, which also affects the price of aluminum foil.


3, Production area and transportation cost

The production in different regions requires different raw materials, labor, and local sales levels, and the production costs of products are different, and the prices will also vary. Thetransportation distance also affects the price of the product, so it is mostly to suggest that the user choose a suitable production area.


4, Sales channels

Different sales channels have an intuitive impact on cost per ton of aluminum foil. If it is a direct-sale manufacturer, the product sales price is low; on the contrary, the sales price of the agent or distributor product is high, so users depend on the manufacturers sales method.

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