August 31, 2020

Electroshield aluminium foil 1060 and 1070

The electroshield aluminium foil 1060 and 1070 H18 produced by Haomei Aluminum has a thickness of 0.008mm-0.03mm. The 0.006mm aluminum foil is the company’s common flexible packaging aluminum foil product, and the company’s aluminum foil dyne value is above 30. The business of Haomei Aluminium Foil covers the production, application and promotion services of various electronic aluminum foils, high-pressure and high-purity battery foils, modified current collectors and porous current collectors. At present, the company has advanced equipment such as large-scale high-speed coating production line for lubricating aluminum foil, modified current collector production line and high-speed slitting machine.

electroshield aluminium foil

1060 1070 H18 electroshield aluminium foil significantly prolongs the service life of lithium-ion batteries. Because the aluminum foil has better physical properties, the cycle performance of the battery is significantly improved. The consistency of the battery is significantly improved. The use of battery aluminum foil can not only reduce the internal resistance, but also reduce the internal resistance. The consistency has also been improved. The rate discharge performance of the battery is improved. After the battery shield aluminum foil is used, the rate performance of the battery is significantly improved, or at the same rate, the aluminum foil for battery can increase the energy density of the battery.


Why is electroshield aluminium foil are used for the positive electrode? I believe new people who are new to the new entry will also talk about one or two, which are mainly divided into three aspects. First, the electrochemical aspect. As a metal material, aluminum is in the middle of its activity. A protective film of aluminum oxide is formed in the air. High chemical potential and good corrosion resistance; Secondly, in terms of mechanical properties, it is easy to process, has good mechanical strength, can be welded and riveted, and has good thermal and electrical conductivity. Again, in terms of cost, it has large reserves and low cost, and it is not a heavy metal. It is a strategic resource; therefore, it has been used as the current collector of the positive electrode for so many years.

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