December 4, 2018

The mill finish aluminum foil for cigarette 1235 o

The role of 1235 aluminum foil in our daily lives is becoming more and more important, there are many aluminum foils in our daily life, for example: cigarette paper foil, packaged fast food aluminum foil, barbecue aluminum foil paper, etc., The mill finish aluminum foil for cigarette 1235 o (also known as liner paper) is one of the important liner materials for cigarettes packaging.

mill finish aluminum foil for cigarette 1235 o

The cigarette liner paper is made of aluminum foil composite paper, which is made of aluminum foil and food grade paper. The outer layer is mill finish aluminum foil 1235 o, and the paper is made of good wood pulp paper. The outer layer of aluminum foil for cigarette packaging 1235 o can be printed, colored and printed with various patterns to make the packaging very beautiful. The aluminum alloy of cigarette aluminum foil can be 1235 and 8079, the temper is o(soft), the thickness is 0.006-0.008mm, the width is 200-1850mm, the length can be up to 6000-70000mm.

Aluminum foil paper has high barrier properties against light, gas and water and also has corrosion resistance. What is the use of aluminum foil paper in cigarettes packaging? Its use mainly has three points:
One is the fragrance. Aluminum foil prevents cigarettes from escaping while avoiding the smell of cigarettes eroding other items.
The second is to prevent mildew. Aluminum foil paper can resist moisture and effectively prevent moisture, thus avoiding mildew in cigarettes in humid environment.
Third, the mill finish aluminum foil for cigarette 1235 o can prevent the taste of cigarettes from eroding other items, such as clothes, food, etc.

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