November 19, 2019

Prime quality packaging aluminum foils

Prime quality packaging aluminum foils are a very good packaging material, especially in the soft pack field. It has many advantages such as non-toxicity, heat conduction, shading, moisture barrier and fragrance preservation. Aluminum foil is mostly used for high-grade cosmetics packaging, blister packaging, anti-mildew and moisture-proof packaging for clothing, moisture-proof paper for cigarettes, high-grade packaging for chocolate, anti-leakage packaging for daily chemical products, sealing film for milk powders, the sealing trademark of champagne and beer, the composite packaging of milk and dairy products and juice, and so on.

packaging aluminum foils

Aluminum foil is an excellent packaging material. If it is said that the shortcomings can only be related to its characteristics: it is soft and thin, can not be used for structural packaging, and is limited in resistance to stretching and shearing. It must be compounded with other materials to ensure the strength and ease of use of the package itself. The packaging aluminum foil used in the composite material has a thickness of 0.007 to 0.009 mm and is also economical. At present, the thinner aluminum foil has five hundred to six hundred pinholes per square meter, and if it neglects the necessary strength, it can only have moisture resistance. If the packaging aluminum foils has a thickness of 20 μm or more, it can achieve a non-pinholes condition and has moisture resistance.

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