February 17, 2020

Buy high quality pure aluminum foil

If you want tot buy pure aluminum foil with high quality, good performance and low cost, please select Haomei aluminum as your manufacturer. In the production process of aluminum foil, there are many processes, such as rolling, finishing, annealing, packaging and so on. If there is a problem in any link, it may lead to the quality problem of aluminum foil. The quality defects of the purchased aluminum foil products will not only affect the appearance, but also directly affect the quality of the products produced. What’s more, they will directly cause the aluminum foil to break and shut down, which will greatly affect the production efficiency. How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil?

pure aluminum foil

Measures to improve the quality of aluminum foil are:
1. It is easy to see that aluminum foil is rolled in various limit states from the above rolling characteristics of aluminum foil. The glossiness and flatness of the foil depend on the hardness, precision and finish of the roll. In order to obtain high quality foil, the rough rolling roll should have a finish of ▽ 10. The finishing roll must be polished after grinding to achieve a specular gloss of ▽ 12 or more. In this way, the necessary glossiness of the foil can be achieved, and because the friction coefficient between the foil and the roller is reduced, a large amount of reduction can be ensured. If the roll is not grinded well, not only the bright aluminum foil can not be rolled, but also the surface of the foil is not smooth due to the rough roll surface, and a large number of pinholes will appear in the final double rolling

2. Foil roll should have high hardness, so that a certain amount of plastic deformation of the rolled piece can occur, and the glossiness of the roll surface can be maintained, and the surface wear and accidental damage can be reduced.

3. Sensitive thickness gauge is needed for foil rolling, and its accuracy should be ± 0.5 μ M. In each pass of rolling process, the thickness of pure aluminum foilshould be measured continuously. It is better to realize closed-loop adjustment and automatic correction of thickness deviation.

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