August 27, 2018

8011 aluminum foil producer in China

The product supplied by 8011 aluminum foil producer can be used in the manufacture of aluminum caps, food and pharmaceutical packaging and radiators. 8011 aluminum foil is mainly used in pharmaceutical packaging for some vacuum-packed solid medicines, medicine stickers and capsules. Because of its unique properties, 8011 aluminum foil is not easy to oxidize to produce chemical reactions, so it is the best raw material for foil containers and beverage bottles.

8011 aluminum foil producer

Insulation material refers to a material or material composite with significant resistance to heat flow. On the one hand, the thermal insulation material satisfies the thermal environment of the building space or thermal equipment, and saves resources on the other hand. Thermal insulation boards generally require low density, small thermal conductivity, convenient operation and reasonable price. 8011 aluminum foil for thermal insulation board contains Al-Fe-Si element, which is better than pure aluminum foil and is often used in food packaging. 8011 aluminum foil insulation plate has the characteristics of low cost and low density. The 8011 aluminum alloy for thermal insulation board has a small thermal conductivity. Therefore, the product processed by 8011 aluminum foil producer is used to make the thermal insulation board, and its thermal insulation performance is particularly high. The aluminum foil 8011 O for thermal insulation board has strong plasticity and high temperature resistance, and the application effect is better.

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