December 6, 2017

The advantages of aluminum foil for food packing

Aluminum foil has many excellent characteristics, so it applied as packing material in many industries, such as food, beverage, cigarettes, medicine, photo-types, household. At the same time, aluminum foil can used as electrolytic capacitor material, insulation material of construction, vehicles, ships, houses, decoration material of wallpaper and decorate trademarks of all kinds of stationery, printing material and light industrial products. Among so many application, used for packing is the most effective way of take full use of aluminum foil properties. Because aluminum foil is soft, moisture resistance, gas resistance, corrosion resistance, smell kept, non toxic and tasteless, what’s more the surface of aluminum foil is silver, easy to process pattern, which is welcomed by many customers. Aluminum foil for food packing is one of the typical usage in the packing application.

aluminum foil for food packing

In particular, after the aluminum foil is laminated with the plastic and paper, the shielding properties of the aluminum foil are integrated with the strength of the paper and the heat-sealing property of the plastic, which improved the shielding properties against water vapor, air, ultraviolet rays and bacteria, the properties are necessary for packaging materials. This kind of aluminum foil product expand the application market greatly. The packaged food is fully isolated from the light, wet, gas of the outside world, which has been well protected. Using this composite aluminum foil for cooking food, no deterioration can be ensured at least one year, and heating and opening are very convenient, it is well received by consumers. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of tourism, the demand for beverages and canned foods such as beer and soft drinks is rising. Modern packaging and decoration are required to facilitate competition in the international market. Therefore, it can be said that aluminum foil for food packing is a kind of perfect packaging material with many excellent properties and has fully shown its broad prospects in many fields.

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