November 16, 2020

Alu foil for air conditioner

The material composition of alu foil for air conditioner tends to be alloyed, and the thickness tends to decrease. Household air conditioners are developing towards miniaturization and aesthetics. In addition to the requirements for reducing the amount of aluminum foil and reducing production costs, the thickness of air conditioner aluminum foils is becoming thinner and thinner. The thickness is mainly 0.11mm, and the thickness of the thinnest aluminum foil for air conditioner in China has reached 0.095mm. At the same time, as the thickness decreases, the practical properties such as punchability and firmness of the air-conditioning aluminum foil are also required to not decrease, which brings about the alloying of air conditioning aluminum foil materials.

alu foil for air conditioner

In the early days, alu foil for air conditioner materials were mainly made of pure aluminum, and currently they are mainly 1100, 1200, and 8011 alloy grades. With the development of air-conditioning technology, the chemical composition of air conditioning aluminum foils will surely develop further towards alloying. With the technological development of the air conditioning industry and the improvement of air-conditioning aluminum foil production technology, the aluminum foil for air conditioner with functional coating on the surface has been developed rapidly in recent years, which gives new content to the surface quality of the air conditioning aluminum foil, the thickness of the coating film, hydrophilicity, alkali resistance, solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, coating adhesion, heat resistance, oil resistance, coating odor, etc.


The forming methods of air conditioner fins can be divided into deep drawing, thinning and deep drawing, deep drawing and thinning and deep drawing, and single-engine high flange according to the forming method of the flange. The mechanical properties of alu foil for air conditioner are closely related to the forming of the fins. Due to the different molding methods of the fins, the mechanical properties of the air-conditioning foils used are also different. According to the state, there are four states: O, H22, H24, and H26.

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