September 18, 2018

8011 aluminium foil for kitchen use

Household aluminum foil rolls are mainly used in kitchen use, civil aviation companies, and service industries related to packaged foods. Such as aviation catering, western-style pastry baking, barbecue, fast food restaurant, family gathering, fast food box and so on. Aluminium foil for kitchen use has excellent characteristics such as beautiful appearance, convenient use, health, safety, sanitation, no odor, no leakage, preservation, fragrance preservation and environmental protection.

aluminium foil for kitchen use

The alloy and temper of aluminium foil for kitchen use is 8011-O, the typical thickness is 0.008~0.02mm. The aluminum foil can withstand high and low temperature (-20 ° C -250 ° C) with molecular structure does not change, the melting point reaches 660.4 ° C, will not release any toxic substances. It has good light-shielding property and isolating property. It is used for packaging vegetables, fruits, etc. It can prevent water loss, maintain umami taste, and has anti-bacterial and anti-fouling effects. Good toughness, purity and no impuritie make 8011 aluminium foil suitable for cooking, storage, refrigerating, packaging food, tableware, baking, tin foil baking or baking food, can maintain the original taste, reduce juice splashing, keep the stove clean. Cooking: sealing food (fruit) juice, liquid, maintaining the color, fragrance, taste of food, and controlling temperature. Baking: Use aluminum foil to separate high-temperature charcoal fire and smoke, to maintain the original flavor of the food and avoid carcinogenic substances caused by scorching, safe and sanitary. Storage: Preservation, convenient to shape according to food, maintain food form, and prevent odor from entering. Refrigeration: Prevent the surface of frozen foods from becoming hard, prolong the storage time of food, avoid the loss of moisture in fish, vegetables, fruits and dishes, and prevent the leakage or mixing of taste.

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