October 25, 2022

Aluminium Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging Manufacturer

With decade years experience, Haomei Aluminum become an aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer  based in China. Because pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure, it can block any gas, so it is widely used. In pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum foil is also widely used. It is expected that the packaging used for pharmaceutical blister materials will account for about 60% to 70% of the future pharmaceutical tablet and capsule packaging, and it is one of the pharmaceutical packaging materials with good development prospects at present.

aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer

The health bureau has very strict quality requirements for pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil. The appearance surface must be kept clean and evenly coated; the text and pattern printing on it must be correct, clear and firm, and there should be no dense and continuous holes. The 3000 series and 8000 series aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging produced by Haomei Aluminum strictly comply with the standards of the Health Bureau.


Characteristics and performance of the aluminum foil produced by aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer – Haomei Aluminum are:

A: The surface is clean, uniform in color, no spots, flat and no holes.

B: Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic.

C: Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture resistance and tear resistance.

D: In the process of transportation, pay attention to the packaging to prevent moisture and avoid oxidation.


The aluminum foil produced by aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer has 10 sets of sophisticated foil rolling mill equipment to ensure a stable output of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, the medical aluminum foil produced is flat, safe and hygienic, clean, uniform in color, free from spots, holes, oil; bacteria, mold, etc, heavy metals do not exceed 0.25ppm, strict implementation of industry standards to ensure safety and hygiene.

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