April 16, 2024

Aluminium Foil Laminated With Kraft Paper

Aluminium foil laminated with kraft paper is a commonly used composite material, which is made of a combination of kraft paper and aluminum foil material. This material combines the respective advantages of kraft paper and aluminium foil, which has the characteristics of high strength, abrasion resistance, oxygen barrier, flame retardant, moisture-proof and freshness preservation. The thickness of the aluminum foil is 7micro, and the kraft paper is 60g. In order to enhance the decorative and packaging effect, the whole film can also be embossed treatment, becoming embossed aluminium foil laminated with kraft paper.

aluminium foil laminated with kraft paper

Kraft paper is a harder cardboard material with good tensile strength, friction resistance and water retention, widely used in cardboard boxes, book mats, folders and other fields. Aluminum foil, on the other hand, is a metal material with the characteristics of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, oxygen insulation, etc. It is commonly used in food packaging, construction materials, electronic devices and other fields.


Aluminium foil laminated with kraft paper can make up for the shortcomings of each of them when they are used individually, and achieve the effect of complementing and enhancing each other. The water retention and abrasion resistance of kraft paper can enhance the outer packaging performance of aluminum foil, while the heat insulation, oxygen barrier and antioxidant properties of aluminum foil can enhance the moisture-proof and freshness preservation performance of kraft paper. Therefore, this composite material is widely used in food, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials and other fields.

aluminum foil laminated with kraft paper

In food packaging, aluminium foil laminated with kraft paper is often used to protect the quality and extend the shelf life of food due to its moisture-proof, oxygen-insulating and freshness-preserving properties. At the same time, its high strength and abrasion resistance also make the packaging more durable and reduce the possibility of packaging breakage.


In addition, aluminium foil laminated with kraft paper can also be used in the field of thermal insulation, such as metal roofing of building materials. Its good thermal insulation performance can effectively maintain the indoor temperature and improve the living comfort.

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