February 19, 2019

Aluminium foil paper manufacturer in china

Aluminium foil paper manufacturer in china adopts continuous casting and rolling method produces aluminum foil paper for packaging, industrial and household use. Aluminum foil can be classified into packaging foil, commodity foil, electrical equipment foil and construction foil according to the application area. And china aluminium foil manufacturer has the reputation of great performance and low cost.

aluminium foil paper manufacturer in china

With the technology development, the alloying component is enlarged. The alloy composition range of aluminum foil paper has been developed from 1060, 1145, 1235, 1100 and other alloys to 8006, 8011, 8079, 8014, 3003, etc. The optimization of aluminum foil alloy composition can improve the mechanical properties and surface quality of aluminum foil and reduce the number of pinholes of aluminum foil.


For aluminium foil paper manufacturer in china, electromagnetic casting and ultra-thin cast-rolled aluminum sheets are used for aluminum foil production. The thickness of the cast-rolled sheet currently used for the production of aluminum foil is generally in the range of 6-8 mm. The development trend is 2-4mm thick cast-rolled sheet for aluminum foil production. At the same time, in order to obtain good grain refining effect and reduce alloy pollution, Al-Ti-B grain refiner is replaced by electromagnetic grain rolling grain refining technology and Al-Ti-C grain refining technology. These two studies are still in progress and have made significant progress.

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