June 23, 2017

Precautions of aluminum foil paper transportation

Aluminium is a metal which has strong activity, it is easy to oxidation if exposure to the natural environment for long term, so the aluminum foil paper should try to avoid be affected with damp. Of finished aluminium foil is very soft and easy to occur deformation, slight collision or stroke, pressure can make the aluminum foil deformation, the use performance will degradation, serious collision or stroke, pressure may cause the aluminum foil scrap, so the aluminum foil should be placed hung up or placed in the soft mesa level, aluminum foil box cannot be tilted or inverted handling, aluminum foil volume can only be lifting level, not inclined or vertical movement.

aluminum foil paper

Mode of transportation of the aluminum foil paper box including cars, trains, ships and other kinds of transport. In the course of transportation, the aluminum foil and conventional active chemical products and wet materials mix load in not allowed, at the same time should maintain the dry, clean and no pollution environment of the car or ship. Aluminum foil is better to use the enclosed compartment or shipping vessel, but in the process of transportation, rain and snow skip cover should be tightly tarpaulin, bound, ensure that packing and aluminum foil paper products will not enter the water, rain, snow. Transit inversion, it is better stored in warehouses, if they are stored in simple warehouse or open air, must be covered with rain, snow ship cloth tightly tarpaulin, bound, at the same time the bottom container should be high cushion, padding should be not less than 100 mm, packing and tic-tac-toe frame aluminum foil roll lifting, loading and unloading to should be gently, in case of damage the packing and the aluminum foil paper.


Haomei aluminum attached much significance in aluminum foil paper products packaging and shipping, according to the different requirements of customers and transportation distance, adopts horizontal, box and dangling box packaging, etc. In the process of aluminum foil transportation, the driver also has the strict training, prevent from unnecessary damage in transit. So, we are proud to claim that we have perfect package and transportation and even delivery of aluminum foil.

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