June 19, 2018

Aluminium for pp caps material 3105 suppliers

3105 aluminium alloy has main metal element of Mn, Cu and Mg to increase the mechanical properties of the finished product, this alloy has higher strength. Aluminium for pp caps material 3105 has main thickness of 0.15-0.3mm, the tempers are O, H12, H14, H16.

aluminium for pp caps material

In order to increase the demand for deep-drawing of aluminium bottle caps materials, and the use of aluminium for cap materials by the wine industry is gradually increasing. The working environment of the wine industry is very strict, which requires the cap materials with certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, resistance to pressure, deep drawing, etc. In addition, considering the structure and use environment of the wine industry, it also needs bottle caps materials has good food safety. It is difficult for ordinary bottle caps to meet the performance and safety of such strength bottle caps. So aluminium foil 3105 for caps material are applied. Due to the non-polluting and can be recycled, aluminum bottle caps material is a commonly used aluminum alloy product for daily life beverage products. 3105 aluminum foil is one of the products attracting attention in the bottle cap industry. Aluminium for pp cap material 3105 is mainly used in some white wine, juice, oral liquid, tea cap, milk powder cover and other products.

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