May 3, 2017

Choosing tips for aluminum foil buyer

Aluminum foil is widely used as household material for food container and packing. But there are a lot of aluminum foil suppliers in the market, how can you choose the best one with high quality? If you are an aluminum foil buyer, here are some tips.

aluminum foil buyer

Firstly is the package shape: formal manufacturers packaging is generally with the professional design, indicate the length or weight, the packing is more elegant and generous. The package of aluminum foil roll is more reasonable and orderly. While an inferior company do not have these elements. The second is about the endoplasm: if you have received the sample aluminum foil from the supplier, the following check points should be paid attention to:
(1) the color and lustre: high quality aluminum foil surface is smooth as a mirror, reverse page is glossy but the silver is pure and fresh. And inferior aluminum foil surface is relatively bleak.
(2) check it is bad or not: open the seals to pull out of more than 30 cm to check whether there is oxidation, metamorphic aluminum foil after oxidation becomes white and green alumina, if you just check at the first lap surface, it is unable to distinguish it is bad or not.
(3) the inner core: formal producing manufacturer design products from the perspective of save paper and transportation cost, paper tube inner core diameter, is between 3.5 – 4.5 cm and wall thickness between 1-4 mm, but to the inferior product the inner core paper tube is thick and big, the purpose is to replace the aluminum foil weight with the tube’s weight.
(4) to see if the quantity is enough: from aluminum foil package turns can distinguish whether it is enough, if it is uncertain from visual, it is available to judge by removing paper tube gross weight.
Although the aluminum foil is cheap than other similar materials, but the save the cost of aluminum foil buyer is our task, to accomplish this goal, Haomei provide best quality and service with low price, if you want to buy aluminum foil, Haomei is your terminal choice.

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