April 25, 2018

What is the aluminum foil for cable 8011 o

Aluminum foil for cable is a composite product of aluminum foil, and it is also composite aluminum foil strip. It can protect cables from corrosion and shielding signals from leakage. Due to the high sealing and shielding performance of aluminum foil, the aluminum plastic foil which is made up of a plastic film on one or two sides, is an ideal cable protection layer. The aluminum foil for cable is usually made from 1145 aluminum alloy or 8011 aluminum alloy with the thickness of 0.10mm, 0.15mm or 0.2mm. The width is 10mm to 600 mm, the length requires can be customized, generally 1100mm or 2100mm. Aluminum foil for cable 8011 o manufacturers in China has numerous, but not all of them can supply aluminum foil for cable 8011 o meet the quality requirements.

aluminum foil for cable

The quality requirements of aluminum foil for cable 8011 o are mainly that the surface is with less oil, no holes and has higher mechanical properties. At present, advanced cold rolling mills, universal mills and aluminum foil roughing mills can produce aluminum foil for cables. After continuous casting and rolling, hot rolling, cutting and thorough annealing, according to the length and short of the user, the cable aluminum foil is divided into small roll supplied to cable foil composite factory, and then press plastic film on the aluminum foil, and cut into small strip shaped supplied to cable factory. Because this kind of composite aluminum foil is has light quality and good effect of protective barrier, it is becoming more and more popular in the market.

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