April 6, 2021

Aluminum Foil For Container Making

Aluminum foil for container making has outstanding barrier properties. Under the premise that the thickness of aluminum foil is sufficient, it can basically completely block gas and moisture. Therefore, in flexible packaging materials, aluminum foil is used as a commonly used barrier material, and aluminum foil has light weight, airtightness and packaging. Container aluminum foil have series of advantages such as good coverage, hygienic, beautiful, and can be insulated to a certain extent.

aluminum foil for container making

The containers made of aluminum foil not only meets the national food container hygiene standards, but more importantly, it adapts to the international environmental protection trend. The product can be directly heated on a gas stove and baked in a microwave oven without fear of danger, which brings great convenience to people. 3003H22 aluminum foil for container is one of the key products of Haomei Aluminum, which fully meets the production standards of aluminum foil food containers. This aluminum foil for container making has excellent moisture resistance, shading and extremely high barrier capacity. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic. After being laminated, printed, and glued, aluminum foil is widely used as a packaging material.


The 3003H22 aluminum foil for container making produced by Haomei has undergone multiple tests such as bacteria and mold, and is organized in strict accordance with industry standards. The content of heavy metals does not exceed 0.25% to ensure safety and hygiene. The food containers made with it meets the national food container hygiene standards and conforms to the international environmental protection trend.

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