October 11, 2018

Aluminum foil for decoration alloy 3003 1100

The aluminum foil for decoration alloy 3003 1100 is a decorative material applied in the form of aluminum-plastic composite, which utilizes the good coloration and high light-heat reflectivity characteristics of aluminum foil. Decoration aluminum foil is mainly used for decoration of buildings, furniture and some gift boxes. It is generally used as a decorative material for interior walls and interior furniture, and is also widely used in commercial buildings’ facades and interiors.

aluminum foil for decoration alloy 3003 1100

The aluminum foil for decorative use has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture proof, sound insulation, fire prevention and easy cleaning, and has a luxurious appearance, convenient processing , fast construction and installation speed. The aluminum foil 1100 and aluminum foil 3003 are usually applied in decoration industry due to its good performance and low cost. At present, the construction and home improvement industries have formed an application boom for aluminum foil for decoration use. With the rapid development of construction industry and the increasing popularity of decorative aluminum foil applications, the demand for aluminum foil for decoration alloy 3003 1100 will increase substantially. Aluminum foil alloy 3003 1100 also has other applications like household use, food container use, packaging use and industry raw material use.

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