June 25, 2024

Aluminum Foil For Sound Insulation

Aluminum foil for sound insulation is a kind of soundproofing material compounded with aluminium foil and other soundproofing materials, which has excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation properties. Aluminum foil used for thermal and sound insulation are industrial aluminium foil type, which is wide used for building and construction, such as roof, walls, flooring and so on.

aluminum foil for sound insulation

The following is a detailed introduction about aluminum foil sound insulation:

  1. Alloy:

Aluminum foil for sound insulation is usually made of pure aluminium or aluminium alloy, and common aluminium alloys include 1000 series, 3000 series and 8000 series. Different alloys have different performance characteristics, you can choose the right alloy according to the specific needs.


  1. Thickness:

The thickness of sound insulation aluminium foil is generally between 0.1mm and 0.2mm, and the exact thickness can be customised according to requirements. Thicker aluminium foil can provide better sound insulation, it is the same as aluminium foil for heat insulation.


  1. Composite materials:

Aluminum foil for sound insulation is usually compounded with various soundproof materials, and common composite materials include PE foam, XPE foam, EPE foam, fibre cotton, bitumen and so on. These materials can improve the sound insulation effect and increase the durability of the material when composite with aluminium foil.


Sound insulating aluminium foil has the following advantages:

– Good sound insulation effect: with good sound insulation performance, it can effectively reduce the spread of noise and improve indoor comfort.

– Good heat insulation: aluminium foil itself has good heat insulation properties, and when compounded with other sound insulation materials, it can effectively isolate the transmission of external heat.

– Strong durability: It has good abrasion resistance and durability, and can maintain good sound insulation effect for a long time.

– Environmentally friendly and healthy: made of environmentally friendly materials, does not contain harmful substances, harmless to human health.

– Convenient installation: the material is lightweight and soft, easy to install, suitable for all kinds of building structures and places.


Aluminum foil for sound insulation is widely used in construction, traffic engineering, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, home appliance manufacturing and other fields for sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation. Common applications include sound and heat insulation wall panels, sound and heat insulation floors, sound and heat insulation pipes, sound and heat insulation vehicle interiors and so on.

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