November 12, 2019

Mill finish aluminum foil for tobacco

The mill finish 1235 o and 8011 o aluminum foil for tobacco are also known as cigarette aluminum foil and used as a liner inside the cigarette box. For packaging and protect the cigarette, the quality requirements on aluminum foil for cigarette packaging are strict, the aluminum foil should be flat and the surface is clean, it has good formability and excellent sealing performance.

aluminum foil for tobacco

While applied as the liner of cigarette box, the cigarette aluminum foil are usually laminated with a layer of paper to be composite aluminum foil paper has become a material with development potential, and its high barrier to light, gas and water, the corrosion resistance of aluminum foil for cigarette effectively protect cigarettes from external natural factors. Haomei has rich experience on producing cigarette packaging aluminum foil, we can offer aluminum foil with alloy and temper 1235-O, 8011-O, the typical thickness is 0.006~0.007mm, the width is 80-1200mm, the coil ID is 75 and 150mm.


With the society develop and packaging machine progress, the requirements for packaging and decoration of cigarettes are getting higher and higher. It is required to use materials that are moisture-proof, air-tight, scent-proof, opaque, and resistant to pests and microorganisms, and the quality and performance requirements of aluminum foil for cigarettes inner packaging are strict. The surface of the aluminum foil for tobacco is smooth and seamless, the shape is flat, the section is neat, clean, no burrs, cracks, edges, and pinholes are less than 100/m2. There are no roll marks, black lines and bright spots on the surface.

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