July 22, 2019

Aluminum foil laminated polyester film

The aluminum foil laminated polyester film is composed of a sealing layer, an aluminum foil and an adhesive layer, and is suitable for electromagnetic induction sealing, and heat sealing. With the function of anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof (anti-leakage), extend product storage period, the aluminum foil polyester laminated film is widely applied in flex packaging industry. The aluminum foil PE(polyester) laminated film is designed to meet the needs of different products. Therefore, it is necessary to combine two or more films or materials having different properties to complement each other to fully meet the requirements on the packaging.

aluminum foil laminated polyester film

The conventional thickness of aluminum foil laminated polyester film is 0.05, 0.07mm, the size specification can be customized according to requirements, the quality standard is in line with GB, ROHS and FDA standards, the application range is suitable for machinery, electronics, food and other industries. The product features are good barrier properties (anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof), heat-sealing, light-proof, puncture-proof and tear-resistant. Aluminum foil PE composite film is a kind of easy to do but difficult to do well, Haomei imported Japanese composite equipment and technology to ensure tight sealing and easy to tear effect.

The aluminum foil laminated polyester film has excellent barrier properties, excellent resistance to Ba-type sterilization, high-temperature vacuum cooking above 121 degrees, and refrigeration resistance, and is the first choice for food packaging. Aluminum foil polyester composite film can be used for food packaging of various liquid drinks such as jelly, acid (fresh) milk, beverages, jams, etc., or for granules such as milk powder, candy, powdery food packaging bags, and various daily chemical products.

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