March 17, 2020

Aluminum foil packaging manufacturers China

Aluminum foil packaging manufacturers China Haomei supply food grade aluminum foil 8011 3003 for packaging. Aluminum foil for food packaging has the characteristics of smooth surface, light weight, good blackout, not easy to corrode, non-toxic, easy to process, etc., and can be compounded with paper and plastic to make composite soft packaging materials. Especially after aluminum foil is compounded with plastic and paper, the shielding property of aluminum foil is integrated with the strength of paper and the thermal sealing property of plastic, which further improves the shielding property of water vapor, air, ultraviolet light and bacteria, which are necessary for packaging materials, and greatly widens the application market of aluminum foil. Because the packed goods are completely isolated from the light, humidity and gas of the outside world, the packed goods are well protected.

aluminum foil packaging manufacturers

Haomei supply food packaging aluminum foil product such as household aluminum foil, catering aluminum foil, container aluminum foil and soft packaging aluminum foil, etc. According to different fields of use, the models are 8011, 3003, 1235, 1050, etc., and the tempers are o, h18, H22, H24, etc. the main specifications are 80-1500 mm wide and 6-200 μ m thick. Aluminum foil is a kind of high quality material, it has the functions of water-proof, oil-proof, light-proof, heat conduction, heat preservation, etc. it is recyclable and environmental friendly. Because of its unique comprehensive performance, aluminum foil packaging manufacturers product is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, aviation, electronics, machinery, building decoration and other fields.

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