July 10, 2017

The effect of aluminum foil paper in food package

To the aluminum foil, how much do you know? There are a lot of people say that they do not know it’s application. So when we taste the chocolate, we will peel the wrapped the paper outside the chocolate, the wrapping paper is made of aluminum foil paper. At this time someone refuted, they said the chocolate packaging paper should be tin foil, this is a little change.

aluminum foil paper

The previous aluminum foil can not be rolled very thin, and the cost is relatively high, so it is replaced by tin foil. But with the current technology continues improved, the problem of thickness has been solved. Now the packaging of chocolate or other small food is already the world of aluminum foil. Compared to tin foil, it is more safe and hygienic. Tin foil as metal, tin is leaded, and we all know that lead has a hindrance to the body’s calcium absorption and is hamper to human health. While the aluminum foil paper is no damage, so it is more safe and health. As abundant resource in metal resources, aluminum has been widely used in various fields. The industrially treated aluminum can become thin aluminum foil. It is characterized by smaller weight, the rolling surface area is bigger with the same weight of other metal, thus the cost is reduced. In addition, its thermal conductivity is very strong, so this is widely used in food packaging, food processing. On the basis of the equivalent price, no other metal can be compared with the advantage of corrosion resistance, so often used with anti-corrosion treatment. Even more amazing is that although the aluminum foil has a very strong thermal conductivity, but it can still be used as a thermal insulation material in the major developed cities, become the city’s insulation layer.

To sum up, we can understand that the small inconspicuous aluminum foil paper application was so extensive. It is active in gold card packaging, flexible packaging, beverage industry, cigarette packaging, capacitors and construction industry.

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