July 3, 2017

What are the factors affect the aluminum foil price

As we all know, aluminum foil price varies with the aluminum price, so if you want to know what can affect the price of aluminum foil, you should know the aluminum first! Today Haomei aluminum impact of these factors which affect the aluminum price, combined with the current social development trend, can be summarized as the following aspects:

aluminum foil price and demand

Aluminum foil price will change with the market supply and demand changes, balance of supply and demand, aluminum foil price will fluctuate in a very small range, otherwise there will be significant fluctuations. In the market, an important indicator reflect the relationship between supply and demand is inventory, it can be divided into reporting inventory and non-reporting inventory. The report inventory refers to the amount of aluminum inventories of the designated delivery warehouse regularly published by the futures exchanges, and its decline will lead to an increase in the demand for aluminum.

2. price factor

The electrolytic aluminum industry is a power-intensive industry that relies heavily on electricity demand. So in the development of electrolytic aluminum industry had to consider the impact of price factors, it affects the production of electrolytic aluminum in China, but also affect the domestic and international aluminum foil price.

3. the price of alumina

The cost of alumina is about 28% to 34% of the cost of aluminum ingot. The fluctuation of international alumina prices affects the production cost of domestic electrolytic aluminum relative to countries where alumina is short and electrolytic aluminum is relatively large. For example, in 2000 the international spot price of alumina from the beginning of the highest 450 US dollars / ton fell sharply to 165-175 US dollars / ton, the amplitude reached about 70%. At the same time, international aluminum foil prices also fluctuated significantly.

4.aluminum application trends

Wire and cable, automobile manufacturing, real estate and other industries with the amount of aluminum application changes and industrial restructuring, will have a great impact on the aluminum foil production and market prices.

5.aluminum production process improvement and innovation

Computer technology more and more widely applied in the electrolytic aluminum industry , with the large-capacity high-performance intelligent aluminum electrolysis technology and the widespread use of aluminum production costs will continue to decline.

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