September 10, 2018

Aluminum foil roll 8011 o soft in yogurt packaging and sealing

Yogurt is a kind of milk product which is made from milk as raw material, pasteurized and then added with beneficial bacteria to the milk, and then cooled and then filled. At present, the yogurt has been like by many people from adult to child. The yogurt cover is seal on the container which protect the taste of yogurt, the sealing effect is quite good. However, many people do not know that the cup-type yogurt cover is made of 8011 aluminum foil roll o soft.

8011 aluminum foil roll o soft

Why is the aluminum foil roll 8011 o soft applied in yogurt cover? First of all, the sealing property of aluminum foil is better than that of pure plastic. In fact, the plastic material has many small holes is seen under the magnifying glass, and both air and water can pass through. Second, the strength of the aluminum foil composite film is large. The third is the sealing process, the yogurt cover is generally heat-sealed. In principle, heat sealing is use a piece of hot iron to iron the sealing film and the mouth of the bottle, so that the sealing film and the bottle mouth are melted and adhered to each other to form a sealed effect The 8011 aluminum foil roll is more resistant to high temperatures, and the sealing effect is better.


Aluminum foil roll 8011 o soft state is very soft, non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic, clean and uniform in color. It is suitable for making yogurt cover. Due to reaches the brush water grade A, excellent moisture resistance and high barrier ability of shading, aluminum foil yogurt cover can increasing the storage time of yogurt. The 8011 O state aluminum foil is a kind of yogurt cover packaging material used in the market.

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