August 17, 2020

Battery aluminium foil manufacturer

Haomei is a famous battery aluminium foil manufacturer in China, which can produce aluminum foil 1060 and 1070 for making lithium ion battery shell. The grade of battery shell aluminum foil are 1070 and 1060, the tempers are H18 and H22, the thickness is 0.01-0.025mm, the tensile strength of battery aluminium foil is 40-150Mpa, and the stretching rate is greater than 1.0, the core tube inner diameter is 30-76.2mm (adjustable), the width is 20-150mm (adjustable), the aluminum content: greater than 99.6, the application is used as a positive electrode current collector for lithium ion battery.

battery aluminium foil manufacturer

The battery aluminium foil can improve the adhesive force between the active material and the current collector, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the battery positive electrode. Such as:

1, Improve the adhesion of the positive electrode material and the collector using the aqueous system;

2, Improve the adhesion of nano- or sub-micron cathode materials and collectors;

3, Improve the adhesion of lithium titanate or other high-capacity anode materials and collectors;

4, Improve the qualified rate of pole piece production and reduce pole piece manufacturing cost.


The battery aluminum foil can reduce polarization, increase rate and gram capacity, and improve battery performance.

1, Such as partially reducing the proportion of binder in the active material and increasing the gram capacity;

2, Improve the electrical contact between the active material and the current collector;

3, Reduce polarization and improve power performance of lithium ion battery.


The battery aluminium foil manufacturer offer high quality foil to protect the current collector and extend battery life. Such as:

1, Prevent corrosion and oxidation of current collector;

2, Improve the surface tension of the collector and enhance the easy coating performance of the collector;

3, It can replace the higher cost etching foil or replace the original standard foil with a thinner foil.

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