October 14, 2022

Battery Foil Supplier

As an aluminium battery foil supplier in China, HAOMEI Aluminum serve many customers for manufacturing aluminum foil for lithium ion battery. Aluminium battery cathode foil 1060, 1235, 1100, 8021 are used for making for pouch film of lithium ion battery. The battery aluminium foil is an advanced and deep processed aluminum foil product, which stands for the production and develop ability of aluminum foil manufacturer.


For battery foil supplier, ensure high tensile strength of battery aluminum foil is important.

1, The alloy composition of lithium ion battery aluminum foil is mainly 1000 pure aluminum series, and the tensile strength is generally required to be ≥180Mpa, which is relatively high compared to pure aluminum series.

2, With the technological progress of new energy vehicles, many lithium ion battery customers have put forward higher and higher requirements for the strength index of battery aluminum foil products. In order to increase the energy density and reduce the thickness of the aluminum foil, only by increasing the strength of the aluminum foil can sufficient bursting strength be ensured. At present, the requirement of strength above 200 Mpa has become the mainstream.

3, Some users even require the strength to reach more than 300 Mpa, which has reached the strength limit of industrial pure aluminum cold hardening, and its production is extremely difficult.

battery foil supplier

High surface quality is required during the production of battery foil supplier.

1, High cleanliness.

Due to the needs of quality control of lithium battery coating and carbon coating process, the surface of battery aluminum foil is extremely demanding.

2, High wettability.

Wetting performance is usually measured by liquid contact angle or Dyne test value. In order to ensure the coating quality, battery aluminum foil products have high requirements on the surface dyne value, which should generally reach more than 32 dyne, or even 36 dyne.

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