June 13, 2024

Blue/Golden Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin Stock

Hydrophilic aluminum fin stock with blue or gold color are one of the key components inside the air conditioner, mainly used on the evaporator and condenser inside the air conditioner to increase the heat dissipation area and improve the heat transfer efficiency.

hydrophilic aluminum fin stock

The following is a detailed introduction about hydrophilic aluminum fin stock for air conditioners:

  1. Material:

Hydrophilic aluminum foil fins usually consist of aluminum foil and a special hydrophilic coating. The aluminum foil has excellent thermal conductivity and lightweight properties, while the hydrophilic coating increases the hydrophilicity of the surface, allowing water vapor to better adhere to the fin surface.

  1. Structure:

Hydrophilic aluminum fins usually have a corrugated structure, which increases the surface area of the fin and improves heat transfer efficiency. At the same time, the corrugated structure can also increase the strength of the fins and reduce vibration and noise.

  1. Function:

Inside the air-conditioner, the evaporator and condenser are covered with hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioners. When the air-conditioner is in operation, the fins can effectively transfer the heat from the air to the refrigerant and regulate the temperature inside the air-conditioner through the process of evaporation and condensation. The hydrophilic coating adsorbs water vapor and forms a thin film that improves the heat transfer efficiency of the fin surface.

  1. Advantage:

Hydrophilic aluminum fin stock have excellent heat transfer performance and corrosion resistance, which can effectively improve the cooling or heating efficiency of air conditioners. At the same time, the design of hydrophilic coating can reduce the retention of water droplets on the fin surface, reduce the possibility of frost and condensation, and improve the stability and life of the air conditioner.

  1. Color:

Blue: air conditioners are more energy efficient with blue coated fins, mainly because of the excellent hydrophilic properties of the air conditioner’s blue cooling fins. Blue aluminum fin stock emphasize its hydrophilicity and energy saving effect.

Gold: In some brands, gold aluminum fin stock may be used to indicate high quality or special performance. Some brands may use gold foil fins to identify their premium products.

Silver: Silver is mostly the natural color of the heat dissipating aluminum fins and is one of the common colors.


Overall, the hydrophilic aluminum fin stock are important heat transfer elements inside the air conditioner, which improve the efficiency and stability of the air conditioner through excellent heat transfer performance and hydrophilicity to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner.

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