March 5, 2019

Buy aluminum foil for container 3003 h24

Buy aluminum foil for container 3003 h24 high quality from Haomei with high quality, good performance and low cost. Aluminum foil food containers are usually made of 8011 aluminum foil alloy or 3003 aluminum foil alloy, the material has plain foil and coated foil. The thickness of the aluminum foil for food container is generally between 0.03mm and 0.20mm. The 3003 or 8011 aluminum ingot raw materials, which are cold rolled or hot rolled into a uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinholes, no dust particles, no odor of aluminum foil jumbo roll, and than the aluminum foil food containers are produced through a special equipment and mold with one-time automatic cold stamping forming production process.

buy aluminum foil for container 3003 h24

As the aluminum foil container should be contact with food directly, so the quality requirement of the aluminum foil for container should be strict. The surface of the aluminum foil for container should be clean, flat and free of obvious waves, no defects such as corrosion, holes, cracks, black lines (strips), oil spots, oil odors, etc.; The surface of the coated aluminum foil is white, the coating should be even and smooth, complete and clean, the coating adheres well, and the coating must not have defects such as falling off, discoloration and foaming after the cooking test.

To buy aluminum foil for container 3003 h24, it should be tightly packed, and the end surface should be flat and clean. It is not allowed to have string between the layers and the dirt. It is allowed to have slight burrs that do not affect the use; the wrong layer is not more than 1.0mm, and the tower shape is not more than 3.0mm.

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