March 11, 2019

China air conditioning aluminium foil manufacturers

China air conditioning aluminium foil manufacturers Haomei are specialized in producing 8011 aluminium foil for air conditioners fins with over 15 years experience. The surface quality requirements of air conditioning aluminium foil are smooth surface, no oil, no marks, no scratches, no impact on the use of other defects.

china air conditioning aluminium foil manufacturers

Whether the mechanical properties of the air conditioning aluminium foil meet the requirements for use entirely depends on the form, the speed of the punching, the flanging height of the fin. Therefore, air conditioning aluminium foil manufacturers should formulate different production processes to meet the requirements of mechanical properties for different users and different fin punching molds, to ensure that the punched fins meet the requirements.The reliable china air conditioning aluminium foil manufacturers can ensure double bridges, single bridges, seams and corrugated shape is good, and the punching and flanging can not cause defects such as collapse, high and low holes, collapse holes, cracks, etc., and at the same time, the air conditioning aluminum foil has no tensile fragments, chipping and rib cracking during the punching process.


The production process control of china air conditioning aluminium foil manufacturers mainly has the following aspects according to its quality requirements: casting, rolling, annealing and coating. The chemical composition of air conditioning aluminium foil mainly depends on the casting process; the mechanical properties are closely related to the three processes of casting, rolling and annealing; the geometrical size mainly depends on the rolling process; the surface quality is mainly related to the rolling and coating process.

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