July 10, 2018

China aluminium foil roll suppliers

We all know that in the production process of aluminium foil roll, it has to undergo many processes such as rolling, finishing, annealing and packaging. So the aluminium foil roll factory needs more advanced production machine and experienced workers. China aluminium foil roll suppliers have won good reputation in the aluminium foil industry for high quality and great price. What makes the Chinese manufacturers outstanding is because it has strict requirement on the product quality and package.

china aluminium foil roll suppliers

Aluminium foil roll has the functions of waterproofing, oil proofing, light blocking, heat conduction, heat preservation, recycling, and environmental protection. Due to its unique comprehensive properties, it is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, aviation, electronics, machinery, construction and decoration. There are strict requirements on the appearance of aluminium foil, the color is silver white with uniform color, no impurities, no oxidation, no scratches, smooth cutting, winding and creased without wrinkles. To processability, aluminium foil has a certain extension and tensile strength. The thickness of the aluminum foil produced by aluminium foil roll suppliers is uniform and the thickness deviation should not exceed ± 3%.

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