April 9, 2019

China battery aluminum foil suppliers

China battery aluminum foil suppliers manufacturing battery foil 1060 1100 1235 8021 with thickness of 0.012 ~ 0.035 mm for lithium ion battery collector materials. The typical battery foil product on the market are: 1235-H18, 1060-H18, 1070-H18. In the green new energy industry, battery aluminum foil do great effort on the energy saving and environmental protection.

china battery aluminum foil suppliers

Battery aluminum foil is used as a current collector for lithium ion batteries. In general, the lithium ion battery industry uses rolled aluminum foil as a positive electrode current collector. The thickness of the battery aluminum foil varies from 10 to 50 microns. Commonly used lithium battery pure aluminum foil has 1060, 1050, 1145, 1235 and other alloy grades, with -O, H14, -H24, -H22, -H18 temper and so on.


China battery aluminum foil suppliers has strict quality requirements on the battery foil products:

1, The surface of the battery aluminum foil has uniform color, cleanness and flatness, and no obvious roll marks, pitting, pinholes and corrosion marks;

2, The surface of battery foil has no rolling defects such as creases, spots, and bright lines;

3, The surface of the battery aluminum foil has no color difference on the surface;

4, The surface of the battery foil is oil-free, has no serious oil odor, and has no oil spots visible to the naked eye;

5, The surface tension of the battery aluminum foil is not less than 32 dyne test by Dyne pen.

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  1. Specification of Alu foil:


    1. Aluminum foil is a thin metal leaf made by Aluminum.

    2. Aluminum foil is pliable and can be readily bent or wrapped around objects.

    3. Thin foils are laminated to other materials such as plastic or paper.

    4. Aluminum foil has a shiny side & matt side.

    5. Aluminum foil thicker than 25 µm are impermeable to Oxygen & Water.

    Requirements of Aluminum foil:





    30 ± 1 mm

    48 ± 1 mm


    0.12 ± 0.005 mm

    0.12 ± 0.005 mm


    1.225 ± 0.225 gm

    2.225 ± 0.225 gm

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